Monday, November 28, 2016

Meet Author Yvette Michelle Apodaca M.A.!

Yvette grew up in East Los Angeles, California. She now resides in West Covina, California.

She is the mother of three beautiful daughters and the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. Yvette has been working in the child care field for over 25 years and now operates her own business, "In Our Hands," which is a consulting business for child care centers. She has also been a college professor for eight years, teaching child development classes.

Yvette's passion is working with children and families. She now holds a B.A. in Child Development, a Master's in Human Development, and is currently working on a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Meet Author Joseph Alan Workinger!

Joseph Alan Workinger currently is studying for his Bachelors degree for Professional and Public writing in Indianapolis, Indiana. After he finishes his degree, he plans on starting his career publishing and continuing to write more books.

Joseph grew up in the small town of Greentown, Indiana. There, he went to the local high school and finds the inspiration for most of the characters in his books. Other inspirations and help come from his friends, Allison and Amber, and publisher, Selina, whom he would like to thank. Without their help, involvement, and criticism, none of this would be possible.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Will Not Post Of Love...

This evening, I will not personally post sappy love sayings or declare the awesomeness of singleness... Instead, I offer up a link to a video that everyone should watch.

Love in all of its wonderful beauty isn't love when you are put down in any way. It isn't love if you are being controlled, harassed, made to feel insignificant, or touched in any way that isn't full of kindness. Love isn't abusive, and it's important for people to realize and know the signs of an unhealthy relationship. It effects so many people, both men and women, and oftentimes, victims become abusers, themselves.

And this video outlines in a perfect manner why victims stay with their abusers. Regardless of how people may feel about it, no, it isn't their fault. Abuse weaves a web of fear, control, and psychological torture that tightens and chokes a victim's ability to see it for what it is.

A couple years ago, we put out a book called Battered Shadows. All of the Authors that contributed to it have been affected in some way by domestic violence and abuse. Because of this terrible trend that is so widespread, this book's revenues are donated directly to the NCADV, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This Charity helps people in domestic violence situations to pick up the pieces and move on! After watching this video, please consider picking up a copy of Battered Shadows.

Goodnight, everyone, and love one another... <3

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meet Author h. james!

You simply can't guess what will happen...
So, spoiler alert!
In this riveting book, the Author takes you through a civil war where a people's native Shamanic religion is outlawed and the people are enslaved. One small girl discovers that her father has done something otherworldly to her, and in the midst of the uprising, she loses her entire family because of it! She lives in hiding for years until a betrayal puts her in the hands of the Faulkners, who have enslaved her people. She is known as The Girl In The White Mask...

Somehow (and I won't tell you), she ends up in our world! A ghost who can only be seen by Robin Avery. Monsters that only Robin and one other person can see start popping up in Minneapolis, MN, and it is up to the masked girl and Robin to seal the gates between worlds!

Will they succeed or die trying?

"I couldn't help but cry in this book... The Author led me through a journey that, by the end, brought me to my knees and put my heart in a blender... It has only been the best of books that could ever do that to me..."     ~Selina Ahnert

h. james was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a consumer of pizza (lots and lots), watcher of bad TV, and a proud Vikings fan (maybe a little bit too proud). She prefers to spend her time losing herself on the internet for hours watching online videos, or spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with a good book. In 2013, she won the Carothers Distinguished Writers Award for her short story. One day, she hopes to create imaginary people for a living, but until then, she'll do it on her free time. The Girl in the White Mask is her first novel.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet Author Sarah Iskafy!

Have you checked out The Story of an Apostate?!
Sarah Iskafy and her book, The Sin of Greed, takes you on a wild and unbelievable journey, highlighting what it's like to be a Muslim. Now an Ex-Muslim, she has put this book out to share her story with the world!

In this true story, you'll encounter abuse, close-calls with real child nightmares, being singled out for being different, and the inner dynamics of Muslim families. It will shock you, bring you to tears, and make you want more! The best part of it is how the Author has dealt with all of this. Also included in the book is artwork and poetry that was born from this intense childhood journey.

Don't miss it!

Sarah has been writing stories and poetry for as long as she can remember. Travel is one passion of hers that provides an endless well spring of inspiration and she plans on doing more of it in the future. While she's not raising a wild five year old, she is on a perpetual job hunt for the be all to end all of jobs. Her motto is, "if it's not your passion, then it's temporary." Sarah also spends her days playing GO/Weiqi/Baduk, a Chinese board game, and chess when she's not busy promoting underground music using her writing skills.

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Meet Author Serenity Poetry!

The poetry of Serenity Poetry will dazzle and amaze you with the raw feelings that are offered by her pen. The beautiful way that she arranges her words will leave you wanting more, leave you in tears, and give you flashbacks to memories that made you feel the same way...

While reading, you can tell how she lovingly and thoughtfully arranged her words, composing them straight from her heart. More than once, she left me in tears, because I'd gone through the same thing. It was like she ripped those long-buried feelings straight out of my very soul!


Serenity was born in the diverse and fast moving Queens, New York. During her childhood, however, she wound up moving around and eventually settling in South Florida. All these places only gave her a better view of the world and what it has to offer.

Serenity was always a fan of the arts and found herself taking dance, drawing, sketching and writing, as well. However, it was the passing of her grandmother that had Serenity writing her first original poem. Life experience after life experience gave her the fuel and inspiration to create "Answer True"- a piece that got attention from not only people in her circle, but other poets, as well. In November 2010, she took the stage for the first time at Verbal Calligraphy. There, she performed one of her most requested works to date, "Superwoman."

Serenity prides herself on making poetry that helps others through the adversity in their lives. Recently, she has begun work on two major projects "Serenity in a Sea of Chaos," an audio album, and a book "Rose Petals of Serenity" to reach more people, worldwide. Her influences range from Maya Angelou to Nikki Giovanni to Langston Hughes. 

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Meet Author Melissa Fisher!

What does it mean to be inspired?
Throughout life, we sometimes walk in darkness, and it can take something as simple as a realization to bring out the light within us. Come on a poetic journey with Melissa Fisher as she examines what being human is all about!

The poetry that Melissa offers is full of insightful thoughts about life. The subjects are wide-ranged, including things as controversial as war, the loss of a child, love, and other inspirational thoughts. Not only will you get poetry, but the Author includes her insights into what made her write the poem, giving you a peek into her mind and heart.

Many thoughts tell her readers about dreams that she's had, where she's gleaned wisdom. She also shares her spiritual path, hoping to help others in their search for enlightenment and inner peace.


Melissa grew up in a small town in a house that sat along the edge of a woods. She was always the girl that played in the dirt and loved to be outside any chance she could, and some of her greatest childhood memories were made near those woods, from building forts, to hide-n-seek, and picking berries. 

She was raised with respect, taught right from wrong, and told how life was meant to be. Then, she started thinking for herself at a very young age and realized that some of the things she was being told didn't feel right, so she started to question everything and still does, today. 

She has always had a higher understanding of the things she shares in this book. It always came more naturally to her to follow her instincts than to conform to the ways we're taught. She has had many conformations throughout her life that reaffirm her beliefs and the truths she's been shown behind some of life's greatest mysteries. 

She has never been good at communicating the things she dreams about, so she found it easier and more natural to share her stories in poetic form. Everything she writes about is either inspired by something higher or an experience she has lived through. She hopes to encourage and inspire something in everyone who reads this to come together and help in the movement to heal the planet and heal each other.

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