Monday, November 28, 2016

Meet Author Yvette Michelle Apodaca M.A.!

Yvette grew up in East Los Angeles, California. She now resides in West Covina, California.

She is the mother of three beautiful daughters and the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. Yvette has been working in the child care field for over 25 years and now operates her own business, "In Our Hands," which is a consulting business for child care centers. She has also been a college professor for eight years, teaching child development classes.

Yvette's passion is working with children and families. She now holds a B.A. in Child Development, a Master's in Human Development, and is currently working on a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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Meet Author Joseph Alan Workinger!

Joseph Alan Workinger currently is studying for his Bachelors degree for Professional and Public writing in Indianapolis, Indiana. After he finishes his degree, he plans on starting his career publishing and continuing to write more books.

Joseph grew up in the small town of Greentown, Indiana. There, he went to the local high school and finds the inspiration for most of the characters in his books. Other inspirations and help come from his friends, Allison and Amber, and publisher, Selina, whom he would like to thank. Without their help, involvement, and criticism, none of this would be possible.

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