Tuesday, January 6, 2015

About Us...

At True Beginnings Publishing, we are Authors who have been where you are and stood where you stand, wondering what the next step was in publishing. It's not a great place to be with so many options out there and a huge variety in the quality of services that some publishers feel is acceptable.

What we noticed on our own journey was a lack of regard for Authors and what their own visions were for their books. There were also a lot of promises made that were never fulfilled. We watched our publishers steal images off of the internet and use them without gaining permissions. We also never saw royalty checks, even though we had multiple purchases (proven by receipts) and a contract that stated that we should have been paid. Many companies also charge such high prices for publishing that it discourages Authors from dreaming and writing, itself.

What is the deal out there?

In our opinion, there is a lack of honesty out there. There's a lack of dedication to the individual and a lack of business ethics. Some of these amounts that are charged should -never- be as high as they are.

We are different, because we are not a middle-man that stands between you and your royalties. Everyone has their own accounts and maintains control of their books. We take the time to give you the special attention that you deserve and create unique designs for your books that cannot be found by searching the internet. We also bring you prices that are affordable, with payment options that make accomplishing your dream a reality that can be achieved!

Why not experience it for yourself with us?

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  1. I can attest to this. The work done on Redemption's cover was excellent. My entire experience with New Beginnings was positive from beginning to now...and I plan on using New Beginnings for ALL of my books!!! Oh...and they do not charge an arm and a leg. Quality work for a fair price!


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