Saturday, February 14, 2015

I Will Not Post Of Love...

This evening, I will not personally post sappy love sayings or declare the awesomeness of singleness... Instead, I offer up a link to a video that everyone should watch.

Love in all of its wonderful beauty isn't love when you are put down in any way. It isn't love if you are being controlled, harassed, made to feel insignificant, or touched in any way that isn't full of kindness. Love isn't abusive, and it's important for people to realize and know the signs of an unhealthy relationship. It effects so many people, both men and women, and oftentimes, victims become abusers, themselves.

And this video outlines in a perfect manner why victims stay with their abusers. Regardless of how people may feel about it, no, it isn't their fault. Abuse weaves a web of fear, control, and psychological torture that tightens and chokes a victim's ability to see it for what it is.

A couple years ago, we put out a book called Battered Shadows. All of the Authors that contributed to it have been affected in some way by domestic violence and abuse. Because of this terrible trend that is so widespread, this book's revenues are donated directly to the NCADV, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. This Charity helps people in domestic violence situations to pick up the pieces and move on! After watching this video, please consider picking up a copy of Battered Shadows.

Goodnight, everyone, and love one another... <3

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