Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Meet Author Karen Salamone-Jourdan!

"I love reading and writing about the impossible. The best beginning for a new book is easy... start with What If? and go from there."
~Karen Salamone-Jourdan
Exhilarating and Epic Stories!
That's what you're looking for in a novel, isn't it? Time to unwind and travel into a different world, where the rules are unique and your senses are tested to the extreme... That's what Karen Salamone-Jourdan brings to you with her books. If you like fun, a little gore, and vampires, check her out!

Karen's writing is fantastical! Her Paranormal Fiction leaves you wanting more as you dive into her stories and get sucked in. So far, she has two books out, with a third on the way! Her first two are part of a series and center around Vampires, Werewolves, and Angels. I got caught up in her writing as the story of a two-century-old vampire, who was tired of her life of bloodlust, made me ask so many questions about it. Then, enter the Angels. Would she find Redemption for her life? Or would she die and never redeem herself?


Redemption is Karen Salamone-Jourdan’s second book, following Gabriel’s Gate. 

A product of early Catholic education, and then, the Milwaukee Public school system, she found the joys of reading at an early age. 

Since retiring, she has used the time to follow her first love; writing. 

She is the mother of two and resides in Ripon, Wisconsin with her cat, SweetPea. 

Stay tuned for many more works! 

Check out the books, below!

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She also has a Blog!

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