Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet Author Serenity Poetry!

The poetry of Serenity Poetry will dazzle and amaze you with the raw feelings that are offered by her pen. The beautiful way that she arranges her words will leave you wanting more, leave you in tears, and give you flashbacks to memories that made you feel the same way...

While reading, you can tell how she lovingly and thoughtfully arranged her words, composing them straight from her heart. More than once, she left me in tears, because I'd gone through the same thing. It was like she ripped those long-buried feelings straight out of my very soul!


Serenity was born in the diverse and fast moving Queens, New York. During her childhood, however, she wound up moving around and eventually settling in South Florida. All these places only gave her a better view of the world and what it has to offer.

Serenity was always a fan of the arts and found herself taking dance, drawing, sketching and writing, as well. However, it was the passing of her grandmother that had Serenity writing her first original poem. Life experience after life experience gave her the fuel and inspiration to create "Answer True"- a piece that got attention from not only people in her circle, but other poets, as well. In November 2010, she took the stage for the first time at Verbal Calligraphy. There, she performed one of her most requested works to date, "Superwoman."

Serenity prides herself on making poetry that helps others through the adversity in their lives. Recently, she has begun work on two major projects "Serenity in a Sea of Chaos," an audio album, and a book "Rose Petals of Serenity" to reach more people, worldwide. Her influences range from Maya Angelou to Nikki Giovanni to Langston Hughes. 

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