Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Meet Author h. james!

You simply can't guess what will happen...
So, spoiler alert!
In this riveting book, the Author takes you through a civil war where a people's native Shamanic religion is outlawed and the people are enslaved. One small girl discovers that her father has done something otherworldly to her, and in the midst of the uprising, she loses her entire family because of it! She lives in hiding for years until a betrayal puts her in the hands of the Faulkners, who have enslaved her people. She is known as The Girl In The White Mask...

Somehow (and I won't tell you), she ends up in our world! A ghost who can only be seen by Robin Avery. Monsters that only Robin and one other person can see start popping up in Minneapolis, MN, and it is up to the masked girl and Robin to seal the gates between worlds!

Will they succeed or die trying?

"I couldn't help but cry in this book... The Author led me through a journey that, by the end, brought me to my knees and put my heart in a blender... It has only been the best of books that could ever do that to me..."     ~Selina Ahnert

h. james was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a consumer of pizza (lots and lots), watcher of bad TV, and a proud Vikings fan (maybe a little bit too proud). She prefers to spend her time losing herself on the internet for hours watching online videos, or spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with a good book. In 2013, she won the Carothers Distinguished Writers Award for her short story. One day, she hopes to create imaginary people for a living, but until then, she'll do it on her free time. The Girl in the White Mask is her first novel.

h.james can be found on Twitter and AuthorCentral!

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