Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet Author Melissa Fisher!

What does it mean to be inspired?
Throughout life, we sometimes walk in darkness, and it can take something as simple as a realization to bring out the light within us. Come on a poetic journey with Melissa Fisher as she examines what being human is all about!

The poetry that Melissa offers is full of insightful thoughts about life. The subjects are wide-ranged, including things as controversial as war, the loss of a child, love, and other inspirational thoughts. Not only will you get poetry, but the Author includes her insights into what made her write the poem, giving you a peek into her mind and heart.

Many thoughts tell her readers about dreams that she's had, where she's gleaned wisdom. She also shares her spiritual path, hoping to help others in their search for enlightenment and inner peace.


Melissa grew up in a small town in a house that sat along the edge of a woods. She was always the girl that played in the dirt and loved to be outside any chance she could, and some of her greatest childhood memories were made near those woods, from building forts, to hide-n-seek, and picking berries. 

She was raised with respect, taught right from wrong, and told how life was meant to be. Then, she started thinking for herself at a very young age and realized that some of the things she was being told didn't feel right, so she started to question everything and still does, today. 

She has always had a higher understanding of the things she shares in this book. It always came more naturally to her to follow her instincts than to conform to the ways we're taught. She has had many conformations throughout her life that reaffirm her beliefs and the truths she's been shown behind some of life's greatest mysteries. 

She has never been good at communicating the things she dreams about, so she found it easier and more natural to share her stories in poetic form. Everything she writes about is either inspired by something higher or an experience she has lived through. She hopes to encourage and inspire something in everyone who reads this to come together and help in the movement to heal the planet and heal each other.

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