Monday, February 2, 2015

Meet Author Bathsheba Dailey!

Bathsheba Dailey is a poetess and muse of life. She's survived many life challenges that some of us only have nightmares about, but through it all, she has overcome and grown as a person!

She shares her experiences and thoughts with us through poetry and insightful rants that get down to the root of issues. Her eloquent writing makes you stop and think about your life and where you are in it. Are you appreciating every ounce of beauty that surrounds you? Are you scared to take chances, and therefore, miss out on opportunities that will never again come your way?

These are only a few of the questions that have come into my mind while reading her work. I highly recommend checking out her books, which I have listed below.

Bathsheba Dailey was born in Baltimore Maryland, in 1976. At a young age, she moved to West Virginia. She always swore that she would move back to the city, but by the time she was eighteen, the hills had stolen her heart forever. She has four poetry books out, one bio of her life after suffering years of abuse by her mother and numerous boyfriends. She then married into a different kind of abuse before she finally realized that there had to be more to life. This is her first Quotes and Thoughts book. She wrote them when she needed to believe the meaning behind the quotes, just to survive another day. Sometimes, writing is the best therapy that anyone can ever have. She has three beautiful daughters who reside with her in the beautiful hills that she grew to love and cherish.

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